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About ReDirections of Rockingham County
Our Mission:

ReDirections improves the quality of life in our community by helping our citizens resolve their differences thereby creating better relationships and promoting change.

ReDirections was started a little over 29 years ago when prison overcrowding was a serious problem in this state. Building additional prisons was expensive and did little to rehabilitate those that went through the prison system. Consequently, when the State approached a number of farsighted Rockingham County citizens about starting a program that would focus on punishing and rehabilitating nonviolent prison bound offenders in the community, they said yes and ReDirections was formed.

In 1995 ReDirections added District Court mediation as a second program. Cases like Simple Assault, Injury to Personal Property, Trespassing, Communicating Threats can be handled more effectively when the parties voluntarily agree to sit down and attempt to work out a solution to the problem that is in everybody’s best interest. 

Because Mediation has so many applications, it wasn’t long before ReDirections had other programs to offer the community. Today, in addition to District Court mediations, we offer Medicaid Appeals mediation, Eviction mediation, Conflict Resolution training and a Batterer's Intervention class.

Our History
Town council peer mediation awards