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Many of the cases that wind up in District Court are based on warrants taken out when friends and family members are angry with each other. A successful mediation is a win-win for everybody. There is no winner or loser so each person gets what he or she wants.

Our services
Court Mediations
Mediation Programs
Truancy Mediations

Truancy mediations are a way for the community to intervene before the student has 10 unexcused absences. These mediations allow the family to discuss in a neutral place about the different issues and potential solutions
Medicaid Appeal Mediations
When a person has Medicaid funded services reduced or terminated, that person has the right to appeal the decision. ReDirections mediates cases from Rockingham, Guilford and Caswell counties. Mediations are conducted over the telephone.
Workin' it out
 "Workin It Out" is a structured classroom based curriculum which prepares employees for success in the workplace. Different versions include materials for: New or dislocated workers unfamiliar with the unspoken rules of the workplace; at-risk youth and young adults preparing for e first time employment; ex-offenders in transition from corrections community and work; and hard to serve individuals with multiple barriers to employment. In addition, there is a curriculum for supervisors who are struggling to understand and manage challenging employees.
ReDirections offers a class based on the Duluth cirriiculum which focuses on holding the batterers responsible for their behavior. The 26 week long class teaches batterers to think critically and reflectively in order to change their behaviour. 
ReDirections will develop a personalized conflict resolution training to address the issues and concerns of specific groups. The goal is to help the participants understand ways they may successfully manage their conflict instead of allowing their conflicts to manage them. 

Conflict Resolution Training
Batterers' Intervention Classes
Custom Trainings